Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Mini Haul!

So I came back home with some things and I thought I would share it with you! :)

This is the things I got.

This watch is from Seppala
It looks like a light pink watch but its coral pinkish color
The colors that were sold there was neon lime yellow,neon pink and my neon coral pink.
SALES. Got it for 7 euros

And its more brighter than on this pic.

Clinique chubby stick.
Its a moisturizing lip color balm.
The color that I got is 04 mega melon.

Max Factor False Lash Effect.
I got this one in deep blue.
There was sales and insted of getting it for 16 euros I got it for 12 :D

Here is a photo of the brush.
The blue looks like a really bright blue but when its dry it is a deep blue
Wait for rewiews for this two.

A nail polish from Seppala
The color is Pink Bikini. And yeah its pink not purple like the camera says XD
And it was only 1 euro

Sorry that the neckless is like this :(
I didnt have time for rotating.
But its a neckless from seppala, in a shape like glasses.I think its really pretty and its pretty big too!
Really love them. The price was 3.95 euros.

And last but not least...
A make up bag!!Yay!
Its a really nice light blue color and its really BIG!!!
Its huge! XD It even fits all of my travel make up!
I find it hard to find some make up bag that is BIG and not pricey.And when I saw that its was on sale and only 3 euros i just grabbed it and bought it!

So thats it for now and I hope you liked the post!