Thursday, August 9, 2012

H&M Lipglosses! Swatcehs

So here I will show you all of my H&M lipglosses!And discribe them :)

L-R. Hot pink, Rose toffie, Shine on your crazy diamond, Your choose only, Pink

Like you see the wands are all the same.
And yeah I like them!

Here are swatches:

L-R. Hot pink, Rose toffie, 2 Shine on your crazy diamond,6 Your choose only, Pink

Hot pink isnt really a hot pink..It has some pink in it but for me its almost clear. Though it gives a beautyful pink hint on your lips.

Rose toffie. Ahhhh I just looooooooooooooooooove this one! Like, the name, the scent, the color, the shimmers! So this is a pale pink with pretty lots of shimmer and I loove it! The scent is like some sweet candy..Yeah like toffie! This is my favorite!

Shine on your crazy diamond is end lipgloss and thats kind of cool. The scent is watermelon. The pink end is really clear and shimmery. And the nude one is...nude XD
But still kind of clear for me.

Your choose only is 6 colors in one! Isnt that just AWSOME??!!
I really loove the packging.
It has clear, shimmery nude, medium pink(does that make sence??), light pink with shimmers, dark pink with shimmers(I love this color!) And red!

Pink is reaaally clear and im not very happy with that one and it has lots of shimmers.

All of the colors are really nice and I deff recommend you to look in to H&M cosmetic!

Yours Hel xx